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About the Company
Founded in 1998, JSH Architects and Designers work spans throughout Mumbai, Delhi and other cities. Appreciated for uncensored, progressive and effective design solutions, JHS Architects set benchmarks of creativity.
Core elements of innovative & inspiring space design





For each & every commission, we strive to capture the essence of the client and spirit of the space. This is what makes every JSH work unique.

We understand the aspirations of our value conscious clients and help them transform, grow and sustain their position in society, business & industrial sphere. Our design philosophy is continuously developing. We collaborate with artists and utilize their talents in delivering designs that are one step ahead of the mainstream and the mundane.

Combination Of Energy
Zen & Timeless Appeal
In developing cities that are infamous for the lack of space, we build homes that are airy and spacious. A house only becomes a home when it allows you to breathe. JSH aims to provide residents with a perfect combination of Energy, Zen and Timeless appeal.
Balance of Scale
and Proportion
In cases where low ceilings are likely to make spaces pygmy, our experts tackle this challenge with the help of illusions and clever placement of vertical lines and light. After all, scale and proportion play the star role.
Aggregate of
Functionality and Aesthetics
To strike a perfect balance between functionality and artistic expression; we incorporate edgy solutions in design and form.