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The intent of this design was to open up the space visually and bring in natural light to the premises. To be aligned with the intent, an organic element of natural limestone was introduced along with the Italian marble floor.The daughter’s bedroom was realigned to allow natural light and ventilation.

The central column and beams were exposed to create height and volume in the space. The open kitchen increased the interaction between the dining and living room. Clever use of pop orange colour added dramatic feel to the otherwise sober palate of the kitchen. A storage chest cum centre table was added as a functional accessory in the living room.

Bronze mirror panelling was installed in the pathway to the terrace to widen up the passage. A clear glass sliding door allows one to sneak a peek into the terrace.

The terrace area has been used cleverly by making a provision for storage of utility equipment’s in an enclosed area, composed of Aluminium strips. There is a separate prayer room completely furnished in natural Kotah stone and brass. To add to the serenity of the room, the Gayatri mantra is engraved in the backdrop of where the idols have been placed.