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JSH designs homes to suit the needs of the residents. Since this project was a second home to a joint family, the intent was to create a luxurious and peaceful heaven for the family.
At the entrance one finds an antique stone idol that flanks the lobby adjoining the entrance. Comfort is one of the most important features while designing a home. A large comfortable c-shaped sofa with a complimenting carpet in the living area; and a dining table adjacent to the kitchen ensures both comfort and privacy.

To add to the aesthetics of the passage to the private rooms, the walls are lined with galloping horses. Each room has its unique designs and elements; yet retaining its individual character .The first room has a double bed with bronze mirror above its headboard. The very sleek looking wardrobe and a study are positioned near the window. Furthermore, a mandir which is more an abstract idea rather than a product is mounted on one wall.
The master bedroom with its floor mounted mirror, upholstered headboard stands out for its elegant, luxury and comfort. The other bedroom in shades of gray and white is aptly christened ‘Abode-shaswat’, a peaceful Zen room. The wardrobe with customized steel handles is perfectly aligned with an origami ceiling. Lastly, the Jacuzzi with a seamless stretched ceiling enhances the bathing experience.